Kreislaufanlagen für Pflanzenzucht
in Aerokultur und Aquaponik

Recirculation System für Plant breeding
in aeroculture and aquaponics

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New propago LEDOne 150W Sets

For the lighting of your plants.

Corresponds roughly to a 400W sodium vapor lamp, only considerably less consumption.
Will be delivered inclusive power supply and connection cables.

Available in the shop as 52cm or 75cm XL version.

Both variants are passively cooled.

Conference paper online

Trends in online Biomonitoring - download here.


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New Salad harvest !

Breed your salad by yourself

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Experimental Plant in Nové Hrady

University of South Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice
Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters,
Institute of complex systems

Here are a few impressions of the construction day:
Odoo CMS - Gallery sample
Odoo CMS - Gallery sample Odoo CMS - Gallery sample
Odoo CMS - Gallery sample

We had a lot of fun and great help in building the system. 
Salad, basil, mint and damiana have been planted and can grow now in the heated greenhouse even in winter. 
The basis for a new research project was thereby created. 
The first aeroculture - aquaponics facility.



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Growtube Single 25cm

The new Growtube single is 25cm long, with another Growtube Single you get 25cm width between the plants.

With another 15cm-pipe you get 40cm width,
with another 25cm-pipe you get 50cm width.

This allows you to realize almost endless variable distances between the plants.

The new net pots also look good!

New WHITE pipe clips

For easy and cheap mounting of the Growtubes
 - from now in the shop

New net pots with tabs 
for easy taking out
and lettering field - from october

This will turn your growtube into a design object!

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On Road in Waldviertel and Burgenland

We have shown our expanded 
Product range with breeding media
and nutrients at

Schloss Greillenstein (11.08. - 13.08.2017) 
Schloss Halbturn am Neusiedler See (25.08. - 27.08.2017)


Here is the link to the event:

A heartfelt thanks to all who were interested!

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European tree frog is feeding

A big surprise this morning was a European tree frog (Hyla Arborea) in the winter garden.

We have some frog species as well as the pond frog, the small water frog and the sea frog in the garden pond, but this one seems to be particularly pleasing in our vertical greening system.

His loud croaking has drawn attention to Him. 

Now he has shown himself for the first time.
We are very pleased that this item has found the way to this place.
Especially because it is one of the most endangered species (2) in Austria.

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Welcome !

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Our reception area

Here you can buy everything you need for your planting or gardening. We are constantly working on expanding our product range. Please note that we only offer a limited offer in the onlineshop, but we are also working here!

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Our winter-garden

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The first vertical system we have built at our site.

You can find other photos of this system on our website, but all of them are older. Do you see how well the plants have developed?

Further systems as well as a useful plant cultivation (chili, basil, salad, ...) in the greenhouse are planned, we always keep up-to-date.